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User Manual of GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracker for Vehicle GT100

Function introduction 

The portable satellite positioning system is a new product,which Set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance,   its compact size, easy to use, easy to operate, mainly used for location and tracking in vehicles and other mobile object

The product fully supports the functions of SMS / GPRS / Internet data transmission,to make it more widely used in large-scale monitoring, emergency scheduling, location-based services, traffic safety and many other areas of management. 


1Support bothGPS / GSM station positioning ways.

2Support SMS/GPRS/Internet Network data transfer (GPRS/Internet instructions in CD enclosed

3Support GPRS on-line and the line re-connected automatically.

4Support work based on existing GSM/GPRS network..

5Support configuration by remote terminal.

6Standby current is only 80mA.

7Support for point-to-point, point to group,group-to-group monitoring.

8Set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance


Hardware description

GSM Antenna plug  

SIM card slot

SIM card slot         

monitor jack

GPS Antenna        

outside cable        

power/GSM  LED indicator

backup battery swich







Main Unit



GPS Antenna

5 meters long


GSM Antenna

3 meters long
























850/1800/1900Mhz or 900/1800/1900Mhz

GPS chip

SIRF3 chip


Simcom300d or Simcom340d

GPS sensitivity


GPS accuracy


Time to first fix

Cold status  45s

Warm status  35s

 Hot status  1s

Voltage of car power system

12V input


Car charger output

Cut off the power and the oil sytem and control the power system0V


Car power input

door 0VNegative triggeror 12Vpositive trigger



                        SOS botton0V



Chargeable changeable 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion battery

Storage Temp.

-40°C to +85°C

Operation Temp.

-20°C to +55°C


5%--95% non-condensing


1: Wiring of installation

1Insert the wiring harness with the allocation of products to the correct wiring holes..

2To identify and cut off the car's fuel pump control circuit, the red wire connect with the engine side, yellow wire connect with the oil side.

3Red and black wires, that is the product’s power cords connect with the positive and negative of car power, the red connect with the positive of car power,and the black connect with the negative of car power.

4Knowing about the type of the door trigger is positive or negative trigger.and connect the right wires to the door control circuit.In this case,It will alarm when the door open in armed state.

5As shown below,insert the sensor plug into the sensor slot

6Connect GPS antenna connected to the GPS antenna terminal and connect the GSM antenna to GSM antenna plug.

7Insert the external monitor mic into the monitor jack. 



wiring of installation:

2: SIM card installation

Please make sure that the SIM card is able to execute the function of incoming calls display , no calls can be diverted and the PIN code is locked.

The SMS format must be TXT format,and can’t recognize the PDU format.

Push the foil along and open it,put the SIM card into the holder,and turn the foil and fasten it in place.

3:  Connecting with power to work

The Red and black power wires connect with the 12V car power system, and check out the GSM / GPS antenna is connected, swich the power on after the tracker deivice working.

At this time the green light indicator on, red indicator of  GSM network start flashing,In 10 or 40 seconds,the unit will begin to work and acquire the GSM singals as well as the GPS singals.the GSM indicator will keep flashing every 3 seconds.

4: Initialization

Send SMS”begin+password” to the unit,it will reply”begin OK” and initialize all the settingsdefault password123456)。

5: Change password

Send SMS password+old password+space+new password to the unit to change the password.

For example: send SMS”password123456 888888 to the unit. If succeeded,”password OK”will be replied to you cell phone via the tracker device.If failed.namely,the SMS”Password fail”is received,pls check out the format of the commands sent,and repeatly send.

Be sure to keep the new password in mind,you have to upload the software to restore the original setting in case of losing the new password.

Attention:Make sure the new password is in 6 digits,or else the tracker can not recognize the password.

The “+” in the command,pls don’t type “+”,space means press the space keyboard on your cell phone.


There are 5 numbers able to be authorized.

1.Call the tracker for 10 times,it will make the cell phone number as the authorized number automatically.

2.Send SMS “admin+password+space+cell phone number to set up an authorized number,the other authorized numbers should be set by the first authorized number,if the number is successfully authorized,the unit will reply”admin OK” in SMS.

3.Delete authorizationsend SMS” noadmin+password+space+authorized number to delete the authorized number.

4.If you track the target tracker deivce from another country,,you must add the country code beforoe thecell phone number,for example,send SMS” admin123456 008613322221111” to the devicek.note:

13322221111 will be setted up as the authorized number.

7.   Single Locating:

7.1 Any number call. The tracker device,it will reply a SMS about the position of lat.and long. If don’t set up the authorized number. In existence of an authorized number, an unauthorized number dials up the tracker device,it won’t reply a SMS about the position of lat.and long.

7.2 Dialing the tracker device through the authorized number,it will hang up your calling and respond to a real-time latitude and longitude information is as follows:



*Tracking location, the SMS information about the lat./long. Received is the place received the GPS singal when the GPS singal is weak.Pls check the time received the SMS if there are some errors of the location.

 8.successive locating automatically

8.1 Send SMS command “t030s005n+password” to the tracker device of vehicle terminal,it will report the Geo-info at 30s intervals for 5 times.(s:second, m:minute, h:hour).this setting must be in 3 digits and at maximum 255 in value.

8.2 Send SMS “t030s***n+password” to the tracker device of vehicle terminal,it will reply SMS heaps of times..

8.3 Cancellation: Send SMS “notn+password” to the tracker devicie of vehicle terminal to telete the “auto track”.

Note:the interval must not less than 20s..

 9. Voice Surveillance

In this mode,the user can dial up the tracker device to monitor the voice(please refer to 10 for instruction).

 10. Modes switch betweentrack” & ”monitor”

10.1 The default mode is “track”.

10.2 Send SMS command "monitor+password" to tracker device of vehicle termina, it will reply "monitor ok!" and swith to “monitor” mode.

10.3 Send SMS command "tracker+password" to tracker device of vehicle terminal, It will return "tracker ok!" and restore to “track” mode.

 11Alarm Function

 11.1. Geo-fence

Set up a geo-fence for the tracker device to restrict its movements within a district.the unit will send SMS to the authorized numbers when it breaches the district.

 Set up: When the unit stays immobile in a place for 3-10 minutes,the user can send SMS “stockade+password+space+latitude,longitude;latitude,longitude to unit to set the restricted case of breach,it will send SMS “stockade!+geo-info” to the authorized numbers.

 Remark: The first latitude & longitude is coordinate of the top left corner of the Geo-fence,while the second latitude & longitude is the coordinate of the bottom right corner,It will alarm in 3m interval.

 Cancel: Send SMS “nostockade+password to deactivate this function.

 11.2. Movement alert

Set up:when the unit stays immobile in a place for 3-10 minutes,the user can send SMS “move+password” to the tracker device.It will reply “move OK”.In case of such a movement(the default distance is 200m),it will send SMS “Move” along with a Geo-info to the authorized numbers,It will alarm in 3m interval.

Canclel: Send SMS “nomove+password to deactivate the movement alert.

 11.3. Overspeed alert

Set up: Send SMS “speed+password+space+080 to the unit(suppose the speed is 80km/h),and it wil reply “speed OK!”.When the target moves exceeding 80km/h.the unit will send SMS “speed+080!+Geo-info” to the authorized numbers.It will alarm one time in 3m interval.

Cancel: Send SMS “nospeed+password to deactivate the overspeed alert.

Remark:It is recommended that the speed alarm is set at not less than 50km/h.For below that rate,it may cause the excursion of the GPS signal influenced by clounds etc.

 12 Cut off the oil and the power system / restore oil and power system

12.1.Cut off the oil and power system

Send SMS command “stop+password” to the tracker device,it will reply “Stop engine Succeed” to your cell phone visa the tracker device,and stop your car engine as well, at the same will remain the immobile state until receiving the next SMS command of resuming the oil and power once receiving SMS command to cut off the oil and power system.

12.2.Resume the oil and power system

Send SMS command “resume+password” to the unit,It will reply “Resume engine Succeed” and resume

Your car engine as well, at the same time.It will remain this state until receiving the next SMS command to cut off the oil and power system once receiing SMS command to resume.the oil and gas system

13 .The following alarms information will be triggered in armed state.

13.1 arm

Send SMS command “arm+password” to the tracker device in the vehicle.It will reply “Tracker is activated”in both armed and disarmed state,and the SMS command will make the tracker device enter into armed state if the unit currently disarmed.         

User must stop the engine, (that is ACC is lower volatge).Sending SMS “arm+password” when close the door and left.You will set up arm status fail if the engine is turned on (the ACC is high voltage),it will reply”set up fail!pls turn off ACC”  

 13. ACC alarm

 The unit will send SMS “Door alarm+lat/long” to the authorized number in 3m interval.when the engine of the car is turned on,that is the key is rotated to ACC.ON position,the car is running when in arm state.

 13.6 disarm

Send SMS command "disarm + password" to the tracker device in the vehicle, It will reply “Tracker is deactivated”in both armed and disarmed state,and the SMS command will make the tracker device enter into disarmed state if the unit currently armed. 

It won’t alarm if the door is open and sensor is vibrated and the engine is started when deactivated this arm function.

 14 Check the vehicle state.

Send SMS command “check+password” to the trackekr device in the vehiclet,It will reply the status of the power,battery,GPS,ACC,door,GSM singal to the authorized number.

For example:Send SMS “check123456” to the tracker device in the vehicle,It will reply following information.

the command.

Power: ON

Battery: HIGH


ACC: Off

Door: Off

GSM Signal: Normal

If the wrong password,it will receive the SMS “user,password fail!

 15: IMEI checking

Send SMS command "imei+password" to the Send SMS command "imei123456" to the unit,a imei number in 15 digits will be returned to your cell phone.

16 Time setting

Send SMS command “time+space+zone123456+space+time” to the unit,If succeed,It will reply “time OK”

For example: Send SMS “time zone123456 8”,8 is Chinese time zone,If your country time zone is minus.send SMS “time zone123456 -8”.

 5.17 GPRS setting

User must send SMS visa cell phone or software to set up IP,port and APN before starting GPRS.

17.1 Setting up APN

17.1.1 APN standards for Access Point Name and differs from country to country. For more information about the local APN, inquire with your local GPRS network operator.

17.1.2 Text the tracker a SMS “APN123456 + Space + your local APN” via a cell phone and if succeeded in setup, the tracker will return the message “APN OK”.

17.1.3 eg. Send SMS command “APN123456 CMNET”. If succeeded, “APN OK” is returned by the tracker in SMS.

Notes: 123456 refers to password and CMNET APN's Network Operator of China.

 17.2 GPRS and User ID and password Setup

17.2.1 In most countries,the user name and password involving GPRS login are not compulsorily necessary,therefore,the entry can be skipped.For those countries requiring user name and password,pls configure as following:

17.2.2 Send SMS “up+123456+space+user+space+password”If succeeded, “user,password ok” is returned by the tracker in SMS.

17.2.3 For instance,send SMS “up123456 jonnes 666666” to the tracker,and if succeeded,the tracker returns “user,password OK”

17.3 IP and port setup

17.3.1. Send SMS as below via a cell phone: adminip + 123456 + Space + IP Address + Space + Port Number.  If succeeded, “adminip OK” is returned by the device in SMS.

17.3.2 eg,Send SMS command “adminip123456 9000” to the tracker device, If succeeded, “adminip OK” is returned by the device in SMS.( 123456 is default password202.105.135.50 is IP9000 is port).

 18 Modes switch between “SMS” and “GPRS”

18.1 The default mode is “SMS”

18.2 Send SMS “GPRS+password” to the unit, and it will reply “GPRS ok!” and switch to “GPRS”mode.

18.3 Send SMS “SMS+password” to the unit, it will reply “SMS ok!” and restore to “SMS” mode.


Please comply with the instructions to extend the unit life:

1. Keep the unit dry. Any liquid, i.e. rain, moisture, may destroy or damage the inside circuitry.

2. Don’t use & store the unit in dusty places.

3. Don’t put the unit in overheated or overcooled places.

4. Handle carefully. Don’t vibrate or shake it violently.

5. Clear the unit with a piece of dry cloth. Don’t clean in chemicals, detergent.

6. Don’t paint the unit, this may cause some foreign materials left in between the parts.

7. Don’t disassemble or refit the unit.

8. Please read the user manual carefully before installation and operation,learn something more about the the voltage range.otherwise,it won’t work properly or distroy the product.


20. Faults & The solutions 



Startup Fail

Please check out the power wiring in correct place.

  Call Fail

Check the GSM antenna connected. Check whether the SIM card in place. Check whether the normal power supply voltag.

Hangup Fail

In existence of an authorized number, an unauthorized number dials up the unit. Please initialize the unit and re-set up the authorized numbers.

Monitor Fail

Check if the authorized number is setup

Location report in

digits of zeros.

Check out if the GPS external antenna well.

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